Friday, October 29, 2010

At the airport...

Within only three hours of leaving Reno we found people flying to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity and the March to Keep Fear Alive. While sipping cappuccinos in Salt Lake City waiting for our second flight, we noticed a woman with purple hair wearing a tag with a familiar face on it and bold words that read “Rally to Restore Sanity.
Tracie and Terrie Wallace. Photo by Molly Moser

We scrambled through our bags to find our notebooks and quickly brainstormed interview questions. Once we had our questions, we followed her back to her seat and introduced ourselves. She was more than happy to accommodate our questions. Her name is Terrie Wallace, 61, of Modesto, California, and she is going to the rally because she believes that it is a good opportunity for those who are not extreme to congregate.

“I want the experience of seeing so many people coming together in a positive way,” Wallace said.

She introduced her daughter, Tracie Wallace, 29, of Berkeley, California. Tracie is also looking forward to the rally and seeks to gain perspective on this social movement of the people. “It’s a good excuse to mobilize,” she said.

Tracie Wallace also shared her opinion on what she finds insane.

“What ticks me off is ignorance. We can choose to be an educated populace and we choose not to be," she said.

Our conversation was cut short as they had to leave to check their baggage. We thought about the significance of mother and daughter embarking upon this trip across the country. Not only are they willing to travel all the way from the west coast to be a part of this movement but they are also representing two separate age groups. People assume that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert attract a younger populace but it is evident from this encounter that this assumption is simply false.

- Kimberly Mahoney and Molly Moser

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