Wednesday, October 27, 2010


As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming journey to Washington D.C. as extremely amateur journalists, we paid a visit to Professor Larry Dailey (Reynolds Chair of Media Technology) for a quick lesson on photojournalism. Below is a list of tips every aspiring journalist should review!

#1. If your photos are not quite up to par, by all means, get closer! This will give you the opportunity to take a picture that tells a story rather than one that is just a chaotic and meaningless landscape.

#2. When photographing people, ask for their name before you do anything else. “If you do not have a name for the caption, you do not have a story!” according to Dailey.

#3. Pay attention to the lighting! If you are outside, notice the position of the sun. The sun should never be behind your subject.

#4. Be patient and wait for the person you are photographing to act normal. Eventually they will stop “hamming it up” for the camera and you will be able to achieve a picture of honesty and of their true character.

#5. Always, always, always take more than one picture.

#6. Last, look for a picture within a picture. This will usually consist of your primary subject along with a background. By looking for both, you create a story within a story which, in the end, will give you a more compelling story to tell your audience.

Well, that is all for now! I await this opportunity to share this exciting journey with you all!
Kim Mahoney

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