Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interview After the Rally

As I hurried from the security check at Baltimore-Washington International, I assumed my rally exposure was over, mostly because I doubted anyone would have been crazy enough to try and book a flight as soon after the rally as I did. I arrived at my gate about 10 minutes prior to boarding after going everywhere as fast as I could from the moment the rally ended. I leaned against a large stone pillar to rest and put my belt back on after taking it off for my special bonus security check and pat down. A minute later, a man with a little bit of rock-star style carrying a guitar case walked back from the help desk to lean against the same pillar. We each inclined our heads about a quarter inch to acknowledge the other's presence as cool cats or those attempting to look like cool cats are wont to do.

Looking towards my Stewart/Colbert t-shirt and my Keep Fear Alive pin, he asked if I went. I said that I had, and asked if he had been there as well. He told me very nonchalantly that he was on the stage. Doyle Bramhall, 41, has been accompanying Sheryl Crow on her most recent tour for the past several months and, naturally, was in her band at the rally. Upon learning this, I stopped my attempt at seeming quite as cool and asked if I could do an extremely quick interview with him. I would have asked for a normal speed interview, but the flight started boarding in a few minutes and I assumed (correctly) that he would be flying first class and one of the first to board.

Bramhall said he was enthusiastic about performing for the rally because what it stood for in a time when the divide in political structure seems to be forcing every candidate to act the same as every other. “No matter who you vote for, it doesn't really make a difference,” he said. He also noted that several other musicians he knows that were interested in participating in the rally. He explained that, “A lot of musicians I know down in Florida wanted to come up. Not even to play necessarily, just to be a part of it.”

As boarding was just about to start, I wrapped up the incredibly short interview by thanking him and asking if things like this, being interviewed, especially by random people, ever got annoying. “Not really. I don't get recognized too often,” he said. Then he cracked a smile, “After all, I recognized you. You didn't recognize me.” I laughed and pointed out that I was flying the colors of the day in my outfit. He smiled, laughing a bit, then went to board the flight.

-Max Wynne 

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