Saturday, October 30, 2010

Outside of the Gates

After being ushered away from the barricaded area in front of the stage, we noticed growing desperation among those outside the gates trying to attain even a glimpse of the rallies.

“It is very frustrating. There is a lot of space right there,” Justin Hill of Temaqua, Pennsylvania said while pointing his finger toward the unoccupied space within the gated barricade. The crowd soon became frantic with frustration and an almost comic scene unfolded before us.

People began to chatter about sneaking through the gates, making plans that involved distracting police officers or even starting a movement of protest. People began to climb on top of the Sani-Huts to get visibility.

Others, though, had a different attitude about the blockage.

“You’ve just got to improvise," said Michael Kemp of Wisconsin. "We’ve found some good people to allow us to share a part of their bench.” Many others agreed that a bit of flexibility is key in a situation like this.

“It is kind of frustrating but we are all trying to be reasonable,” said Debra Turton of Maryland.

“It is pretty typical of any sort of event. What are you going to do?” Greg Volbe of New York said with a smile and a shrug.

-Kim Mahoney

Interviews conducted by Molly Moser and Kim Mahoney.

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